PradaPA Iron Brand Round Neck Short Sleeve

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NO.2024180305 Prada, PA iron brand round neck short sleeves
On sale color: black, white
Original RMB 7,800 Solona fabric, special fabric thread, iron brand logo, right shoulder design, full set of accessories
br>#Salona heavy fabric material
With 32s Salona fabric, 230g. Salona fabric has a cool feeling, is soft and skin-friendly, and has moisture-conducting properties. The fabric has anti-pilling level 4, anti-static strips are even, and it feels cool on contact. Salona fiber not only has strong water-absorbing and sweat-absorbing properties, but its diffusion and evaporation performance is 6 times higher than that of ordinary cotton. Therefore, it is naturally equipped with moisture-absorbing, breathable, and instant cooling functions. The matching Salona thread has a memory function and is highly elastic and not easily deformed.
#ClassicPada’s iconic triangular iron plate
According to the original positioning, the metal triangle logo embellishes the body, and the hardware triangle font is clear and smooth. Based on the real thing, the material, size, and weight are all restored to the extreme. The letter pattern texture is clear and clear, and the font is smooth and textured.
#Classic round neck basic design
The traditional plain knitted round neck T-shirt is one of the basic designs of the Prada series. The seams on the shoulder lines are filled with elastic inserts, which can withstand repeated wear. Will not deform after washing. The material itself has excellent ductility and resilience, so the upper body does not feel restrictive. The cuffs and bottom hem are double-needle stitched.
A full set of wash water label color customization, new QR code labels, and three-label hang tags.
Size: S-XL
Color: Black, White

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