LVLU brown workwear straight trousers

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NO.2024320955 1V, LU brown workwear straight trousers
Original purchase: ¥9,850, woven twill fabric, standard fit, embroidered Marque L.U uitton deposee logo on the right work pocket, LV Plexi label on the left work pocket, Italian Style pockets, side pockets, and back pockets are decorated with inscribed square nails
#cotton twill woven fabric
The twill pattern is obvious on the front of the fabric and blurred on the back. Single yarn is used in both warp and weft directions, and the linear density is close. The warp density of the fabric is slightly higher than the weft density, and the hand feel is relatively soft. The fabric has excellent stability, is not easy to deform, and prevents bulging; cotton fiber has good hygroscopicity, which keeps the fabric in a water balance, making people feel comfortable, and adding to the sophistication of the fabric.
#Work pocket embroidery Marque L.U uitton deposee logo
The chest is decorated with simple letter patterns, and the letter size spacing effect is consistent. Using linen embroidery thread combined with encrypted processing, the embroidery body has a subtle matte visual texture; the embroidery effect is three-dimensional and full. The smaller the embroidery, the more sophisticated and demanding it is. The embroidery thread is made of imported material, which is more flexible and glossy than ordinary embroidery thread; the stitches are clear and smooth, and have a three-dimensional texture effect.
#The shape of straight casual trousers
The trousers are H-shaped, that is, the trouser legs gradually widen from the knees, but they will not completely fit the leg curve. This version can well modify the leg lines, cover up the shortcomings of the figure, and at the same time highlight the slender leg lines.
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