LV patterned denim shorts

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NO.2024310098 1V. Patterned denim shorts, originally purchased for RMB 19,900, with contrast-dyed denim fabric, all-over discharge printing process, fixed-print hardware accessories, and a full set of auxiliary materials
#Contrast-dyed twill custom-woven denim fabric
The fixed-dyed twill and custom-woven denim pieces have a thick twill texture and clear lines after proper processing; a small proportion of spandex yarn is used as the core-spun elastic warp yarn, which is elastic, anti-wrinkle, anti-shrinkage and anti-deformation. Pure cotton lining material creates a softer feel.
#Full-body discharge dyeing technology
The fabric is made of custom-dyed yarn and discharge-printed, and the whole-body leaf pattern is discharged. The principle of discharge printing is to use chemical raw materials to corrode the dyed color of the fabric and reveal the original color of the yarn. The combination of the discharge printing effect and the fabric makes the hand feel smooth and delicate without any unevenness. The texture of discharge printing is exquisite and delicate, with rich patterns, strong color contrast, clear outlines and full color.
#Version analysis, pattern analysis, cutting piece splitting, positioning and pattern extraction
Based on the anatomical structure of the original body piece, fabric alignment and pattern design, and extending the design space according to size. Each cut piece has its own pattern-picking position, and the design of the cutting effect of the fabric panel is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and requires extremely high precision on the cutting bed.
#Lapel box-shaped denim design
H-shaped tailoring design; also known as box shape. The box-shaped version emphasizes that the width of the shoulders, waist, and hem are basically the same, and it has the characteristics of simplicity and looseness. The cutting pieces are designed according to the original design, and the whole piece is restored with symmetrical pattern sewing, which is the ultimate restoration.
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