GucciGU pocket denim suit short shirt

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NO.2024300040 Gucci, GU unpocketed denim suit·short shirt
Original purchase price of ¥9,900; blue twill denim fabric, GUCC printing technology on the chest, metal button closure, lapel shirt style, washing and bleaching technology,
#Dark blue twill denim fabric
Dark blue twill denim fabric is a strong and durable denim fabric made of cotton fiber as the main raw material. It has a unique blue color and often has a twill texture, which gives the fabric a textured and unique look.
The texture of denim is relatively thick, the fabric is stiff, and the texture is clear. After proper treatment, it can prevent wrinkles, shrinkage and deformation. The color fastness of denim dyeing is good, the color is not easy to fade, and the original color of the clothes can be maintained; it also has strong wear resistance and is not easy to be damaged. Made of interwoven indigo-dyed pure cotton yarn, it has a thick texture, comfortable wearing and good breathability.
#Chest Decoration GUCC Printing Process
The water slurry printing process is integrated into the penetration technology and uses imported water slurry material. The principle of water slurry printing is close to that of dyeing. It contains penetration power and strong color fastness, especially on cotton fabrics. Better results. The details of the connection between the overall printing are very well handled, with no burrs or traces of boundary crossing. After technical processing of the printing screen, the slurry can penetrate into the fabric where there is a pattern. The permeability is strong and the fabric texture is clearly visible.
#washing and aging bleaching process
After sewing the bag on the chest, cover the parts that do not need to be bleached, and then perform the washing and bleaching process. Bleaching is used to give clothing a white or bright appearance and soft feel, and to achieve a specific color effect and appearance on denim fabrics. Combined with the whitening and distressing treatment, specific operations are performed on the fabric to fade the surface color unevenly, forming a natural whitening and aging effect.
#lapeldenim short-sleeved version
The cut of this denim short-sleeved version is very elegant. The lapel design adds more layering and is matched with the new engraved button closure on the placket. It’s cut to be slim but not tight, showing off the wearer’s body curves without feeling restrictive.
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