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NO.2024320525 Gucci, GU Liquid Heart Denim Shorts
Original purchase: ¥9,600, Dark blue GG Liquid Heart laser denim, Gucci label artwork created by, belt loops, five pockets, button and zip fly
#Dark blue pure cotton denim
Pure cotton denim shirt fabric is woven from pure cotton yarn. Denim cloth, also known as denim, is a fabric woven from cotton yarn. It is processed by dyeing, starching, polishing, finishing and other processes. Pure cotton denim shirt fabric combines the softness and hygroscopicity of pure cotton with the wear resistance and stain resistance of denim. It is comfortable to wear and easy to clean and maintain.
#LiquidLove Pattern Laser Printing Process
The full-width pattern created by the collision of the GU logo and colorful and interesting elements is presented through the laser printing process. Denim fabric treated with laser printing technology. This technology uses computer image processing to burn the yarns and vaporized dyes on the surface of the denim fabric to form a specific pattern effect.
The laser printing pattern is clear and can accurately print artistic style patterns on the fabric; the resulting pattern style has a stronger three-dimensional effect. Through the principle of laser, laser printing forms dark and light denim background colors, which has a unique visual effect.
#Garment sand washing and fading treatment
After making ready-made clothes, sand washing of denim is to use sand detergent to scrub the fabric. After treatment, the denim will partially fade and cover the surface of the denim. The soft fur gives it a soft and delicate feel. During the sand washing process, in addition to the sand detergent, a softener is also added to improve the sand washing effect.
#five-pocket straight denim shorts
Five-pocket straight denim shorts are a classic and practical design. The special feature of these shorts is its five-pocket design, which not only increases the practicality of the shorts, but also adds a unique style. With a straight cut, this cut can flatter the shape of your legs. The fabric is both durable and elastic, making it comfortable and convenient to wear.
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