GUCCI towel embossed track shorts

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NO.2024260618 GUCCI towel embossed sports shorts
Original purchase of ¥8,850, blended towel jacquard fabric, special woven dense cotton lining, positioning tailoring, pattern sewing, full set of accessories
#Blended towel jacquard material fabric
Towel jacquard fabric is made of 83% cotton and 17% cotton fiber. Terry cloth is a fabric that looks like a towel. It has the advantages of high water absorption, good warmth retention, soft hand feel, stiff fabric, and not easy to deform, so it is called terry cloth.
During the weaving process of the full-width embossed pattern, computer digital programming is used to make the plate. The jacquard part has a concave and convex feel, the fabric has a soft and waxy feel, and the fabric details are delicate.
The thermal conductivity of towel fabric is low, and because the cotton fiber itself is porous and elastic, a large amount of air can accumulate between the fibers, so the towel fabric has good moisture retention.
#Pattern position cutting and sewing restore pattern effect
Restore the original pattern effect, specially use infrared to position the pattern, and then arrange the pattern by hand according to the pattern design and then cut it. The back pocket pieces are also precisely aligned, and the sewing process achieves a jacquard connection effect, dense and neat stitches, and fixed-point alignment to restore the pattern and upper body effect to the greatest extent.
#straight sports shorts version
Fully elasticated high waist with adjustable waist size, and an engraved hardware clock on the front of the elastic waist cord. The inner elastic band at the waist is fixed to the outer material through multiple routings, so the elastic band will not flip over even when worn or washed.
Size: S-XL

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