Gucci GU Orange Web Canvas Suit Shorts

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NO.2024280001 Gucci, GU orange webbing canvas suit·shorts
Original purchase price of ¥8,400, dark gray lightweight felt knitted cotton, contrasting trim, beige and ebony GG canvas inlay, drawstring elastic waist,
#Dark gray lightweight felt knitted cotton
The fabric is made of 26S double yarn + 10S fish scale base yarn, 380g; paired with 21S double yarn rib, 380g. Fish scale bottom knitted cotton sweatshirt fabric is made of cotton fiber through knitting process. It usually has good breathability and moisture absorption, while keeping the body comfortable and dry. Its texture and texture can also enhance the texture and layering of the sweatshirt, making it more fashionable and personalized.
#Beige and Ebony GG canvas inlay
GG canvas is an iconic material often used by the Gu brand. It is characterized by its unique grain and texture, which is applied to the design of clothing through inlay.
Jacquard nylon is a fabric made of nylon fiber with a jacquard pattern. The jacquard effect is exquisite and detailed, and the pattern is clearly visible; it is highly decorative. The fabric is highly resistant to abrasion and abrasion, has excellent UV resistance, and is light and soft in texture.
#The inner lining is equipped with mesh fabric
Mesh fabric is known as moisture-absorbing and sweat-wicking bird’s-eye cloth. Using changes in the jacquard structure or reeding method, the warp yarns are grouped into three reed teeth, which can also be woven. Fabric with small holes in the surface. Its most important function is to absorb moisture and perspire. The principle of perspiration is through the small holes on its surface. It can achieve the effect of moisture absorption and perspiration very well.
#Body stitching with contrasting color letters and edging
In the overall contrasting edging design, the design uses contrasting colors to create a unique contrasting edging design, creating a strong visual impact. Products are more eye-catching and attractive.
#Mid-waist vertical sports pants version
Loose trousers are not limited to body shape and leg shape, and are tolerant and have a strong vertical effect; with waist, mid-rise straight shorts. Connect the middle pleats and side pockets of the trousers to increase the slack of the trouser legs and facilitate storage of items. The back waist dart directly connects to the single pocket teeth. The corners of the trousers are hand-finished and the elasticity is adjusted by a drawstring.
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