Givenchy GVC psychedelic print crew neck short sleeves

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Features & Compatibility

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NO.2024250507 Givenchy, GVC psychedelic printed crew neck short sleeves
Original purchase price is ¥5,100, short sleeve cotton crew neck short sleeves, decorated with GIVENCHY LOGO and psychedelic printing on the front, oversized cut, full set of accessories
#Specific double-ply long-staple cotton fabric
Made of 50S double-ply mercerized cotton, 160g; with 32S cotton cover silk 2×2 thread, 260g. There is no color difference between dyeing and fabric threads in the same vat. Mercerized cotton fabric is made of soft, wrinkle-resistant mercerized yarn as raw material, which not only fully retains the excellent natural characteristics of raw cotton. It is lighter and thinner than ordinary cotton fabrics, and has good hygroscopicity and breathability.
Mercerization is an important process in fabric processing. It can make the surface of the fabric show a unique luster and improve the grade and texture of the fabric. The mercerized fabric not only feels smoother and has higher gloss, but also has better dimensional stability and is less likely to deform and wrinkle.
#The front is decorated with GIVENCHY LOGO and psychedelic printing
It is produced using digital direct printing technology. During the drawing and design process, from color matching to pattern proportions, the unique and creative psychedelic pattern is restored. The equipment has the characteristics of high precision, high efficiency and high stability; the post-processing is designed to enhance the adhesion and durability of the pattern while making the product surface smoother and flatter.
#Classic Loose Round Neck Short Sleeve
Casual round neck knitted short sleeve H version; the short sleeves are closed to show the shoulders and upper body, and have a straighter visual effect. Use the hidden line technique to gather the back; iron the flat back pieces into three-dimensional pieces according to the body shape. Comes standard with three-label accessories, customized wash water label, and logo webbing on the shoulder.
Size: XXS-L

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