Dior DR coral print crew neck short sleeves

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NO.2024170643 Dior, DR coral print crew neck short sleeves
Original purchase price: ¥7,700; Cotton slub plain fabric, coral red Dior Italic logo on the chest, nylon water-based permeable print, ribbed crew neck, distressed effect decoration Edge
#Pure cotton slub knitted fabric
Made of 24S cotton slub tight plain weave fabric, 185g; with 40S double yarn thread, 220g. Cotton slub jersey fabric is mainly made of pure cotton yarn; the weave structure usually adopts plain weave. The yarn is made of fine-count yarn, which is thinner and has higher twist, which can improve the quality and comfort of the fabric. The fabric has the characteristics of staggered warp and weft yarns, stable structure, and smooth surface.
Cotton slub jersey fabric has a soft texture, comfortable touch, will not irritate the skin, and has good wrinkle resistance and portability. The overall structure of the fabric is stable and not easy to deform and wear, so it has a long service life.
#Coral red Dior Italic logo on the chest
Nylon water-based penetration printing is a special printing technology. Its main feature is to use water-based ink to print on nylon fabrics, and the printing is made on the fabric through penetration. Both front and back show a clear and consistent color pattern. It not only improves the visual effect of printing, but also enhances the firmness and durability of printing; its printing effect is clear, bright and long-lasting.
# Positioning Washed Hole Design
Combining “hole” and “knitted” elements, the irregular whole-body hole design makes simple garments ruin the sense of design. The stone grinding and washing process locates the holes, and the garment products use the stone grinding machine laser positioning to manually destroy the wear effect. Every wear and tear is made by hand, so that the natural wear and tear of the fabric achieves the most harmonious visual effect. After being washed by stone grinding, it can show a rich retro atmosphere.
#Standard round neck short-sleeved version
The neckline is rounded and arc-shaped, suitable for various face shapes and body shapes; the sleeve length is moderate and ends just above the elbow, showing a smart and neat image. The slim fit can show off the wearer’s body curves without sacrificing comfort. The collar, cuffs, hem and other parts are all sewn with fine double-needle stitching.
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