Dior 24Ss series, their quality this year is unambiguous

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Features & Compatibility

Dior 24Ss series, their quality this year is unambiguous Browse our choice of replica 1:1 designer 1:1 Men's Clothing. up to now, it has attracted 10000+ repeat customers many of our customers are regulars and have left us sparkling opinions on Quora. keep nowadays!

NO.2024190121 Dior, 24Ss series. Their quality this year is unambiguous. I have worn T-shirts and sweatshirts before, and I know that they are impeccable! This piece is made of thin material, extremely soft and comfortable, perfect for spring, summer and early autumn! It can also be used as an inner layer in winter. It’s really worth it! !
Custom-woven 190g 40-count single yarn Pima long-staple cotton. The surface is relatively smooth and delicate. It is very comfortable to wear next to the body! Imported cotton material, delicate and soft, comfortable feel, perfect fit, which is Dior’s requirement for fabrics. It is definitely more stylish than GUC when worn. You will know how good it is as soon as you touch it! !
The woven fabrics are dyed with high temperature and environmental protection to ensure that each vat is aligned with the “original” color. After coming out of the vat, it is washed with high temperature water to ensure the hand feel and reduce the shrinkage rate!
The patch embroidery is embroidered with the latest imported embroidery machine with 8000 needles. The color of the embroidery thread is also dyed separately! The embroidery has been repeatedly modified/aligned/density/textured! Each letter clearly restores the spacing curve. An exquisite embroidery machine combines complex embroidery needlework. 3D embroidery simulation renderings of embroidery. You can see every stitch and line of embroidery! Super super three-dimensional!
Size: XS-L
Color: Black, Haze Blue

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L, M, S, XS

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