CHANEL GALI same style mid-century style hand-painted graffiti round neck short-sleeved T-shirt

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NO.2024260210 CHANEL, the same style of Xiangjia GALI’s mid-century style hand-painted graffiti round-neck short-sleeved T-shirt, unique 310 grams of pure cotton, washed and damaged craftsmanship, low-key luxury
In January 1971, Coco Cha*el passed away at the age of 88 . Karl Lagerfeld, the current main designer of Ch*nel, took the helm in 1983. He used new techniques to interpret meticulousness and luxury. This talented designer with Swedish and German descent and always wearing big black sunglasses is the most famous. What people praise is that he is just like Coco Ch*nel, full of talent but with deviant blood. In the first season after he took office, he cut the hem of a long skirt and paired it with bright and exaggerated fake jewelry, which shocked the entire fashion industry and pushed Ch*nel’s momentum to another peak in the past 20 years. The fragrance brand takes a high-end route, which is fashionable and simple, simple and comfortable, pure style, graceful and generous, youthful and beautiful. “Fashion is fleeting, but style is eternal” is still the guiding force behind the brand; “The opposite of gorgeousness is not poverty, but vulgarity.” The most special thing about the Chanel brand led by Ms. Cha*el is the practical gorgeousness. Taking inspiration from life, especially love, unlike other designers who require others to cooperate with their designs, the Cha*el brand provides liberating freedom and choice, focusing on clothing design from a male perspective
Karl Lafayette Lagerfeld (Karl Lagerfeld) is universally recognized as one of the designers with the most ability to lead trends. He has a steady stream of new ideas and launches wonderful new works every season. You can never guess what style Karl Lagerfeld will launch next season, so you can’t summarize Karl Lagerfeld with any one style.
On February 19, 2019, Lafayette, the artistic director of Ch*nel, passed away at the age of 85.
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