Burberry Graffiti War Horse Round Neck Short Sleeve

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NO.2024180717 BBR Graffiti War Horse Round Neck Short Sleeve
Original purchase price of ¥5,100, plain weave cotton fabric, rib knitted collar, silk screen equestrian knight logo, letter logo printing, new accessories
#plain weave pure cotton high quality Cotton fabric
Made of 15S plain weave high-quality cotton, 230g; with 32S double yarn thread, 300g. The fabric is made of high-quality pure cotton fabric woven in a plain weave. The characteristics of this kind of fabric include vertical intersection of warp and weft yarns, clear texture of warp and weft yarns on the cloth surface, soft hand feeling, comfortable wearing, good hygroscopicity, strong breathability, not easy to deform, washable and durable, etc.
#Screen high-density dot printing process
High-density dot paste printing is a unique and advanced printing technology; it uses high-precision plate-making equipment and materials, and customized dot patterns are transferred to high-precision plate-making On the equipment, the printing plate is produced through photolithography, etching and other processes. Because the distribution of dots is very dense, the printed patterns have extremely high clarity and resolution.
Use high-density dot paste printing technology to print various complex patterns and textures on clothing. Ink graffiti-like letter printing is printed through this technology, which has a unique texture and three-dimensional effect. At the same time, due to the special properties of the slurry, the printed pattern has a certain degree of attraction, unique visual effects, and delicate touch.
#Classic Loose Round Neck Straight Fit
Round neck straight cut, slightly dropped shoulder line, and neat upper body. The neckline, cuffs, and bottom hem are all made of special double topstitching, making them more resistant to deformation after repeated wear and washing. . The fabric is made of pure cotton, with high-density twill texture, fine weave and no elasticity to maintain the unique muscle effect.
Size: XS-L
Color: Black, White

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