BalenciagaBA 520 wireless printed round neck short sleeves

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NO.2024180254 Balenciaga, BA 520 wireless printed round neck short sleeves
Original purchase price of ¥4,700, retro jersey fabric, suede printing technology, neutral style, oversized version, round neck short sleeves
# Heavy retro plain cotton fabric
Made of heavy 16S pure cotton fabric, 230 grams in weight; paired with 21s+70D pull frame 1×1 thread, 300g. Fabric made from pure cotton fiber through worsted spinning process. This kind of fabric has a tight texture, smooth surface, soft hand feel, and has the advantages of good hygroscopicity, good breathability, and good elasticity.
#counter-color dyeing purple black
Special dyeing purple black is a cool, dark tone, which is a color mixed with purple and black. The bottom surface of the heel fabric is pure black, and the two-color combination of the front and back has a strong sense of mystery and design. The threads and fabrics are made of imported dyes. After many times of color matching and dyeing comparison, they passed a variety of light energy tests. Develop the closest dye ratio, and there will be no color difference when dyeing in the same vat.
#Thick Plate Suede Foam Printing
The front wireless printing WI-FI design adopts thick plate suede printing technology. Thick plate suede foam printing is a printing process that creates a three-dimensional and soft touch on textiles, using a special foam printing paste. Put the textile coated with slurry into a high-temperature printing machine. By controlling the temperature and pressure, the slurry expands on the textile to form a three-dimensional effect, while giving the fabric a soft and delicate touch.
#高neckoversizeLoose version
oversize loose silhouette design, basic round neckline with dropped shoulder line, vertical pit stripe woven code from top to bottom, collar, cuffs, and hem all have ruffles. The sleeve length is longer to highlight the details. The thickness of the ready-made garment is the same as the original version, and it is additionally shaped to make the upper body wider and not easily deformed.
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