Balenciaga BA flame ring print track shorts

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NO.2024230724 Balenciaga, BA flame ring print sports shorts
Original purchase price of ¥7,200; cracked printing technology, unisex style, mid-rise elastic waistband, 2 slant pockets, above-knee length, distressed and washed faded effect
#Fish scale bottom brushed fabric
The fabric is made of 26S double yarn + 10S fish scale bottom brushed fabric, 380g. The terry terry is a three-thread sweatshirt, which is composed of veil, binding yarn and bottom yarn. Taking into account both breathability and comfort, the overall design is light, comfortable and has a good silhouette. It is characterized by soft feel, solid texture, and excellent extensibility, elasticity, wrinkle resistance, and hygroscopicity.
#Decorated with burning unity art work printing
The front is printed with crack printing technology; the special color is made of imported crack glue material, and screen printing is used as a transparent base to solidify the color. The crack slurry is printed on the fabric through screen printing, and the random crack effect is produced after drying; it is mainly controlled by adjusting the proportion of crack white and crack transparent and the thickness of the printed slurry layer. In addition, since the edges will be raised after cracking, the finished flower pieces can be pressed to enhance their stability.
The fabric is dyed and processed by stone grinding. The ready-made garments are continuously immersed in the dye and rolled, so that the dyed fabric will have a certain amount of white at the edge of the color. Cotton shorts are better suited for fading because they absorb fading agents better. Meanwhile darker shorts will give you a more noticeable fade.
Use sandpaper to lightly sand the edges of holes and other places where you want to add an old feel to simulate the wear and tear caused by long-term wear; further adjust or add holes and an old feel.
The shorts version is cut with straight legs; it has an elasticated high waist, and the fabric is fixed with elastic topstitching to prevent the elastic from turning over after wearing and washing. There are side seam pockets on both sides, double darts on the back waist to better fit the curves of the human body, and a hand-made edge around the trouser legs.
Size: S, M, L
Color: Fluorescent Yellow, Black

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L, M, S

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