Balenciaga BA double loop reverse embroidered crew neck short sleeves

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NO.2024220779 Balenciaga, BA double loop reverse embroidered round neck short sleeves
Original purchase for ¥5,100, fine cotton plain weave fabric, unisex style, large outline version, round neck short sleeves, front decorated with reverse Unity sports icon art Product embroidery, inside-out effect, exposed label on the back
#花ash fine cotton plain weave fabric
Made of 15S fine cotton plain weave, 230g; with 32S double yarn tensioner thread, 350g. Fine cotton fabrics usually have better moisture absorption, breathability, warmth retention and wear resistance, and are also softer and smoother.
Retro gray cotton fabric is a relatively thick cotton fabric with a retro-style gray color. It has been carefully processed and processed to have excellent texture and performance. Due to fine processing, the fine cotton fabric is relatively light and thin, feels soft and comfortable, and fits the skin very well when worn.
#The front is decorated with reverse Unity sports icon artwork embroidery
The embroidery is made of tatami embroidery on both front and back; this process is a decorative process that applies embroidery to the tatami mat. Mechanical imitation hand embroidery is used to increase its beauty and decoration.
To customize the embroidery thread material according to the pattern and color, you need to choose a suitable rice mat as the base material for embroidery to ensure that its surface is flat, smooth and suitable for embroidery. Draw line outlines on the fabric according to the embroidery pattern so that the outline can be accurately followed during embroidery.
# inside-out clothing making effect
Inside-out clothing making effect usually refers to turning the inside out of the clothing to the outside through special cutting and sewing techniques during the clothing production process, forming a unique Visual effect.
This kind of clothing effect is called “reverse wear” or “inside out” design in the fashion industry. This creates novel and unique visual effects. The inside-out design can highlight the layering of clothing and make the overall shape richer and three-dimensional.
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