【5pcs】Victoria’s Secret Low Waist Half-Wrap Hip Lace Panties


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Features & Compatibility

【5pcs】Victoria’s Secret Low Waist Half-Wrap Hip Lace Panties Browse our choice of replica 1:1 designer Accessories. up to now, it has attracted 10000+ repeat customers many of our customers are regulars and have left us sparkling opinions on Quora. keep nowadays!

VS Victoria’s Secret low-waist half-wrapped lace panties.
Soft elastic fabric + cotton crotch fabric, authentic material: nylon spandex cotton (excluding decorations), cotton stalls, exquisite lace stitching, revealing sexy and beautiful skin faintly. The front is embellished with a small bow ribbon, which is as sweet and lovely as an angel’s gift. The low waist and half-cover hip design shows the beauty of the skin. Cotton tops are delicate and skin-friendly, comfortable and breathable, and provide more intimate care for the skin. It is an elegant choice for your daily wear.
Look at the workmanship and fabrics, the upper body is guaranteed to be sexy + charming + super cool, a style that makes men nosebleed and women have taste. Bring a more comfortable wearing experience, as comfortable as your second skin, soft, delicate, and highly breathable. S code (90-130 catties), M code (120-150 catties)
Underwear is one size fits all, regardless of size!
Underwear is a personal product and cannot be returned or exchanged!
The underwear is a single piece, please prepare the color before placing an order!

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